April 20, 2024


In a nutshell I am a husband, a father, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a Web developer, a Christian, a right-to-carry advocate, a Dodge Challenger SRT-8 driver and all around nice guy who likes to work hard.


I was born on December 20, 1972 to James and Joan Cordes in St. Louis, MO. We lived in Affton, MO until I was 6 years old then we moved to a new home for the next 10 years or so.

Grade School

I went to Assumption Grade School from August, 1983 to May, 1987.

High School

I went to Vianney High School from August, 1987 to May, 1991.


I went to Meramec Community College from August, 1991 to May, 1992.

I went to Missouri State University from August, 1992 to December, 1996 and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management.

First Date With Lauren

November 25, 1995

Married Lauren

April 23, 1999

Erin, My Daughter Is Born

December 9, 1999

Cameron, My Son Is Born

December 17, 2001

Started First Company, Apok Technology

May, 2003